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The folding type hatch cover,to a cover consisting of two panel  which are connected
by a hinge jount  to form a folding pairs. In  many cases cover consists of two folding
pairs .One pair is stowed at the after end of the hatch and the other forward .The fold
pair is operated by the  hydraulic cylinders act directly on the  end  hinge arms which
are connected at stools on the deck.
When the  cylinders push the end  panel up from  closed position, the cover is folded
and the second panel is fitted with the wheels, rolls on the rails to the stowage  position
The panels are usually secured in the open position by semi automatic hooks interact
interacting with the wheel arms.


Today the folding type hatch cover is widely used on the bulk carrier. With a ever more
effieient cargo working in port being objectived  ,a modern dry crgo vessels are tending
to develop to a more open trend , the  size of the hatch compared with the deck area is
 is growing.This implies  that there less stowage space available for the hatch cover ,and
space which has made high-stowing hydraulic folding over popular used in the shipping 
industry . It is smooth on the operation and postive control the panel when  closed and 


Hatch Cover System :
.Hydraulic cylinder driving the hatch cover
.Rubber seal keep the watertight
.Hatch wheel function of the hatch movement
.Cleats locked  guareente the hatch safety and watertight.