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Hatch Cover :
1.Technical consulting when the hatch cover damaged
2.Steel structure fabraction ,hatch cover hydraulic system repair.
3.Hatch cover emergency maintenance in the yard and port or sea going.
4.Cargo handling and stowage system for contain ship.Lashing spares supply.
5.Hydraulic system design .Installation and debug of pump station and hydraulic cylinder .
6.Rubber packing ,drving chain, cleat, sprocket wheel ,hatch roller,bearing pad , hydraulic cylinder supply
7.Hatch cover service engineer inspect onboard quick analysis of the situation and supervise job when docking
Service type range:   Service Brand :
1.Folding type hatch cover
2.Side rolling hatch cover
3.Piggy back hatch cover
4.Hight lift hatch cover
5.Tween Deck hatch cover

4.Deutsche MacGregor
5.Nakata Mac Kayaba
7.MACOR Neptun
8.Tsuji Heavy Industries

Common problems influence the hatch cover operations and watertight
Aged and over compressed rubber
Rusty and damaged rubber channel
Wear down pins
Damaged sprocket wheel
Not rolling stuck wheel
Aged hydraulic cylinder seal kits
Unfunction wheel lifter
Wear-down drving chain
Hydraulic cylinder scratch and damaged


Keep the hatch cover watertight is very important to the cargo,
there many reason can lead to the hatch leaking.
Usually the packing aged ,rubber channel and bearing pad & wheel
lifter worn out make the rubber can not be compressed enough to
prevent the warter leaking inside the cargo .Here our service team
are availible to be onboard to cure the leakage.After the job finish
the hatch cover can pass the Hose test or the ultrasonic testing
to reach the CLASS Survey and the P&I SURVEY requirement.

Today in the shipping indsutry, to keep the cargo clean and safe is a big issue, the hatch cover is a key factor to avoid anything worse happen.But the hatch cover is a very complex system with heavy steel structure and hydraculic component.when the hatch cover is in trouble even a small problem sometimes. it will be take long time for the owner figure out to find a solution We have qualified service engineers in our service team to help you with both  proactive (preventive and planned), on-demand and emergency maintenance.Our goal is to prevent problems and downtime 

Assuring optimum equipment availability for the ship operator and owner, our planned maintenance concept rests on the solid foundation of our worldwide service network. For support services, our service team are. available in seven days a week


Support Pad :
.Mininal wear-down
.Best design and material
Longer  life to reduce  cost

Rubber Seal :
Rubber seal was used for the hatch cover when closed to compress the seals keep thecargo dry from the water.
The sealing between the hatch cover and coaming can be achieved by many different types of rubber packing.
The larger ship it is,the bigger the movement rubber packing bettwen the hatch cover and coaming will be.The sliding rubber packing is press againest the flat surface and pressed more flexible and bigger hull deformations. This issue was well solved by the  sliding rubber seal.